It comprises phial, capillary tube and diaphragm. Following an increase in temperature at the phial, the liquid expands in the capillary tube, causing the diaphragm to move. This movement activates as nap-action switch, causing opening or closing of switch contacts.


With in differential the thermostat keeps the temperature of any fluid/system regulated which is heated by, electricity, gas, oil or air.


Temperature Range 30- 75 °C, 30-150 °C, 30-330 °C
Differential 6-7 °C
Rated Load 16 Amp, 250 V a.c, 50 Hz a.c
Capillary length 500 mm to 1000 mm
Sensing Bulb Diameter Ø6 mm/ Ø3mm
Sensing Bulb Length 60 mm to 175 mm
Wiring 6.3mm Push On terminals