About Company

About us

Established in the 1977, Ai thermostats prides itself in being the pioneer in the field of heating thermostats. Our thermostats are used in Water Heater/Home Appliances, Scientific Instruments, Electrical Panels etc. Our organization is solidly backed by state of the art technology and latest equipment to achieve its quality manufacturing. . The company’s ethos has always focused on keeping pace with the latest advancement in the technology and process. Our flagship unit manufactures Stem type thermostats and Capillary thermostats which are ISI marked. The Company is also ISO 9001 certified. Ai is managed by a group of experienced professionals who have vast and in-depth experience in the appliance manufacturing industry. Our plant is vertically integrated with robust R&D back up. At Automatic Instruments Pvt. Ltd, the commitment to quality is paramount and the company constantly endeavours to improve product quality and exceed customers expectations.

Our Facilities

We have a 6 acre state of the art facility with a covered area of 1,00,000 SqFt area located in Gurgaon, Haryana.
This world class facility boasts of an optimal process flow layout to deliver 25 million thermostats per year.

Acre State
Art Facility
Covered Area
Thermostat (per year)

Our Strengths

Vast experience in the field of temperature regulation (Thermostat)

Our thermostats comply with RoHS standards and are certified for CE, VDE or BIS standards.

We Maintain ample stocks of raw materials and FG stocks to ensure quick delivery

Plant is built with state- of-the art facilities
along with advanced testing and analytical capabilities

Robust Quality system is in place at all
stages of manufacturing

Dedicated R&D team to focus on new developments

Each Department is led by experienced professional ensuring a quality product at every stage


Cutting-edge solutions, that empower products worldwide


  • Ethical
    Fairness, Honesty & Mutual Respect are our driving principles
  • Customer Centric
    Our solutions are designed to Exceed customer expectations
  • Trust
    We deliver what we promise – Perfect Quality, Ontime Everytime
  • Collaboration
    We do great things together
  • Compassion
    We care for our people and their work environment


Invest in our ‘people’ by building a competent team, engaging & developing them and creating opportunities for their growth

Continue to provide innovative solutions that are diverse and are customized to the organizations and build a comprehensive range

Further add and optimize state-of-art manufacturing facilities to expand domestic presence and global foot-prints and make our premium solutions readily available

Continue to delight our customers with our commitment to Quality & Timelines

Refine existing process and leverage IT to further improve our efficiencies and decision making

Invest significantly in Research, Innovation and Analytics to keep innovating and offer cutting edge solutions

Build a formidable Internal & External brand by communicating our differentiators and engaging with all stakeholders extensively